First summer crops have sprouted!

bean seedlings along the drip tape


Yay, on my way out of the garden today I saw that the beans (Trilogy, iirc) and corn that I planted last week have emerged from the ground. Hoping that some of the flowers we planted will follow suit.

I haven’t gotten that much done in the last several days, aside from picking 2 baskets of strawberries each day! Z mowed a lot of the garden with the tractor, and I did some with the push mower last night. This morning (Tues) I hoed along one side of the Chandlers. The weeds are getting bad in the summer strawberry patch (where a lot of the plants have put out runners to start new plants).

I checked how bad the grass situation along the garlic is today. There are like an average of 6 inches of grass between the path and the garlic. I can’t mow there because the debris would fall into the Chandler (early summer) strawberries. Some of those strawberries have been too far from the drip tape, while others are getting flooded. So annoying. Z picked a basket of berries very quickly. He said he saw a lot of bugs and spiders running around.

Z tried using the landscape rake on the old corn bed tonight, where I’d like to plant some late greens (is that a good idea?). Maybe the bed next to it could be used for pole beans. We’ll see. I think we need to get sprinklers out there because the ground is rock-hard. There’s drip tape peeking out of the ground here and there in the old bed- it was buried by gophers. 😦


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