Rainy days=wet strawberries

I spent an hour in the old strawberries tonight and only got a half-dozen berries. Good thing Z picked 4 baskets last night!

I think that all of the currently-ripe and near-ripe berries either have soft spots or are getting moldy. So they all have to come out. Too many are touching the ground, and the rest are sitting on or too close to dead/dying leaves. There were so many slugs out there tonight! Between the Chandlers and the old berries I must have killed around 50 in 2 hours or so. (I did weed a bit in the summer berries, too, but I didn’t see many slugs). Boo, more rain is expected tonight. So that’s about it for strawberries for a few weeks. There’s a lot more work to be done out there. I hope Z can help with pulling out that dead stuff. It seems to be a neverending task.

sow bug on left, slug on right. The whitish berry seems to have been affected by a sucking bug or something.

It’s awful going out there and just pulling out dead stuff and causing death to slugs (and what I think are box elder bugs) for hours!

I’m worried that I probably should have put row cover over the corn to keep it warm and protect it from pests (some are probably in the soil, anyhow). It’s pretty chilly out there.


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