Maybe things aren’t as bad as they seemed

I got out there this evening and started raking the new beds by hand with one of those hay rake thingies. Z tried raking, then chisel plowed, then raked again last week. There was a lot of grass there – both recently and non-recently cut, as well as grass that was growing. The grass and dirt got left in piles here and there- this happens if you stop or even slow the tractor down too much, so I was trying to spread the stuff out. Oh, and in some spots, he had put out compost, so I’m trying to get a sense of if I should spread more out there.


I didn’t quite finish with that project because Z called to say that he and T were going grocery shopping now that they’d finished with their trip to the park. That gave me around 40 minutes to pick and pull old leaves out of the old strawberries. I managed to pick about 2/3 of a basket – not too bad, considering yesterday’s assessment. Later in the evening, I got outside and filled 2+ 5-gallon buckets with yucky berries, leaves, and grass from the ground near the bed. Sanitation is important, but it should be done more often!

“old” Seascape (left) and Camarosa (right) berries next to a new bed (foreground)
The Chandler strawberries. Coming along well!



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