Mondays are often slow

Well, I did house and personal business stuff this morning, so I only got outside for like 20 minutes. I raked some more of the soil, compost, and dirt around in one of the new beds. Then I worked on the strawberries for a bit. This evening, I picked some fava and bell beans. Then I raked up 2 wagonloads of grass that Z had weedwhacked (brush cutter blade) and moved it over near the compost. Then I… worked on the strawberries some more. There are starting to be some gaps between plants from my having removed dead and dying leaves, and accidentally pulling out whole strawberry plants in the process.


Our comfrey reappeared! I think we had originally had 2 plants, but I am not sure if the other is still out there. More below.


I would like to have 2-4 perennials at the head of each bed (shorter-term goal). I bought plants last year and that didn’t work out very well – they were too expensive, and too big, and some got eaten by gophers. Including a 4′ long bog sage. I also want to have perennials along the borders of the garden. And a perennial herb bed somewhere in the middle. Oy, what do I need 100 feet of herbs for, though? (selling them. where would I process and dry them?) Mummy needs a greenhouse for starting her own plants.


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