Missing a day= even more days behind

I had a really productive evening on Tuesday. I think I did some hoeing, some weeding, and some picking. Maybe I turned the compost or something, too. Yesterday morning I weeded one side of the Chandler strawberries. This morning I cleaned the house because we had someone official coming over.

I got out there tonight. The first thing I noticed was that the corn and beans we planted last week have sprouted! Yay!


Org. Dragon Tongue beans (60 days) (Territorial seeds) packed for 2015 and 1 packet of Painted Mountain OG Dry Corn (85 days) (Johnny’s) for ornamental, dry, or popcorn

I read in the California Master Gardener’s Handbook that I should have taken all the runners off the Chandlers, so I did that. Well, maybe I left a few that looked really good. One plant had wilted leaves and I easily pulled the crown and whole plant out of the ground- hoping it was due to a gopher. I have 2 berries that are just about ripe. One might be too wet on the tip.

dead Chandler strawberry – gophers?


I saw 2 different kinds of toads in that bed. The other one moved too fast to be able to get a picture.

toad on a strawberry leaf. Note discolored spot on another part of the leaf. Looks fungal. I usually just remove leaves that start to look this way.

I also removed more of the runners from the Seascape bed.

Hoping to do more hoeing tomorrow, and more weeding. It is so wet next to the Chandlers that it’s hard to hoe very much. There’s a leak right near where the soil was waterlogged for a while this winter.



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