Make Your Own Compost seminar

Yet another thing I would go to if I could. Hm, actually I could ask about an extra afternoon of preschool…

At my (more recent) alma mater:

Make Your Own Compost Seminar for landscapers & small-scale farmers

Wednesday June 8th, 9am-2:30pm
SRJC Shone Farm, Forestville CA
$25 through June 6, $40 after and at door. Includes lunch.

Feasibility, Benefits, Regulations, and Local Resources

Speakers include David Crohn, UC Compost Specialist; Will Bakx of Sonoma Compost; Andrew Logansbill, NRCS Soil Conservatist; Paul Vossen, UC Specialty Crops Farm Advisor for Sonoma & Marin Counties; Leonard Diggs, Shone Farm Manager; Paul Kaiser of Singing Frogs Farm; Paul Bernier, Sonoma County farmer; Josh Beniston, SRJC Sustainable Ag Instructor; Michael Scott, Sonoma County Farmer.

I took Will’s #compost class at the Junior College and I’m interested to hear from him about the state of compost in our county (didn’t go to the event about this the other week). Also very interested in several of the other speakers…


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