Report from this weekend

Well, on Saturday I pulled grass around all the blackberries I could find along the northern part of the fence next to our neighbors – and cut out the biggest parts. I put that stuff into the green bin for someone else to compost it. Then Z mowed that area and then I went back and exposed the blackberries again  and then yesterday, Z dug them out. I did some raking and hoeing in one of the new beds this weekend and on Sunday we bought seedlings- greens, tomatoes, some peppers iirc, one (!) tomatillo (is that enough for pollination and stuff? gotta look that up), and potatoes. T was excited to help me water the seedlings yesterday. Z put drip tape out in one of the beds this morning.

I did a bit of work in the old strawberries last night, and ate another delicious Chandler 🙂


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