Strawberry runners come back fast!

Yesterday morning I fertilized everything except the old strawberries. In the evening I started a new compost pile and picked up 2 buckets’ worth of strawberry waste. Then I worked on the old strawberries and picked up another half a bucket of junk! Ugh!

On Saturday I didn’t get out there to do anything besides water seedlings until the evening. Z had a productive day- he mowed the yard and a lot of the garden, including the area around the compost. I planted 2 six-packs of seedlings – white russian kale and another dino kale (did 1 or 2 the other day). So now that bed is full! I will try to get the other bed covered with more compost and hoed/weeded a bit more tomorrow and get another 2-4 packs of seedlings in. I would like to be able to use our transplanter from Johnny’s, but the ground is mostly too hard or too wet. My hands are killing me!

At the end of the night I checked on the Chandlers. There are like 3 gopher mounds in different parts of that bed! 😦 The runners really do seem to grow right back. I wonder if the plants are extra-stressed because of our cooler nights. The corn and beans look terrible by the end of the day and seem to perk up in the late morning. Hm.

There seems to be less garlic in the allium bed today than two days ago. Another “Hm.” There’s no sign of soil disturbance, but it’s rough enough that the gophers could have just sucked it under. We have a really hard time with garlic and gophers. And grass – need to mulch better from the start.


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