I planted the rest of the greens!

And not a moment too soon, since there’s some doubt about kale, broccoli, and maybe even cabbage being transplanted this late in the spring. I did 4 6-packs, which took up maybe 80 feet (times 2) of the bed. I got about 15 plants per flat, since many had up to 3 seedlings in them. We’ll see how they do. T helped me – I don’t know why I showed him the thing about crunching the bottom of the cell to get the roots to loosen up before you take the plants out. He emptied 3 cells and sort of stuck the plants sideways into the ground. Very cute.

I haven’t been spending much time in the old strawberries, but the areas that I visit frequently look pretty good. I’ve been eating berries right out of the patch, but not picking very many since I’m not spending the time…

I managed to hoe one side of the corn and beans this morning :).

Now I have to figure out what to do about Z’s potato planting project. The ground there is really hard and dry, and I am not going to use a pickaxe. We had talked about planting tomatoes in the bed that still has the trellis T-posts set up from last fall, but I am worried that pests could be hiding at the weedy bases of the posts… we could try to get the tomatoes in with the potatoes, if there’s space. But the potatoes have likely not been getting enough water…

amazing sunset on May 23rd

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