Got some crucial weeding done!

This morning I hoed the sunflower bed and some of the tomatoes, and picked a basket of Chandlers (in less than 15 minutes!). I think Z scattered pearl millet seed this morning (from Fedco?). This evening I weeded one of the brassica beds and the beans/corn. Then I headed to the summer strawberries, where I got some good weeding done and picked less than a basket. After that, I moved on to the old strawberry bed and picked some berries on one side of the bed. I had to throw a lot out. I went through and picked up the waste from tonight and whenever I last worked on that side of the bed and it filled half of a 5-gallon bucket.

Not sure how much I can get done on Tuesday, since I have a dentist appointment and T is not feeling well. I keep forgetting/running out of time to fertilize in the morning, so that’s what I’d hope to do.

I found flea beetles infesting the greens this weekend :/. Fortunately, the dill is starting to emerge. That’s almost as good as if I had planted dill, chamomile, marigolds, and whatever else weeks before planting the greens!

flea beetles on greens (broccoli raab?)

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