Sick day


My child loves to work on irrigation. His dad does 98% of the irrigation work in our garden (plus pretty much all of the tractoring). Z got him outside to watch him put together the new hoes that I got (collinear, wire weeder, and scuffle/hula). Then they went to the garden to check on something w/r/t irrigation. (I was folding laundry and stripping our sheets, largely related to the “sick day” title above). Z had stayed home because had gotten so little sleep…

The child rarely goes into the garden with me. Sometimes he’ll plant seeds with me. But it’s rare. I think it partly might be that when I’m weeding or picking berries, I throw the trash behind me and if he’s in the wrong spot, he gets hit. It’s hard to see behind you when you’re on your knees.

Anyhow, I did get out there this evening and pick some berries. Not a big “good” harvest day, but I picked up a lot of trash from the 2 newer beds. There are a lot of things on the to-do list. I think he might like putting out cucumber beetle traps if he’s home sick again, but it’ll be hard to keep him away from the containers of lure…


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