Getting stuff done!

Partial garden view from above
Partial view of our garden from atop the roof of the house

Yesterday I drove out to Petaluma to pick up some cheap overgrown organic seedlings from a local seed company. It was a lovely drive, aside from how sick I felt. We’ve had a stomach bug this week.

Tonight I got the tomatoes and peppers in (with fish meal, fish bone meal, and oyster shell lime) and 1 or 2 marigolds (they are flowering). A couple of the tomatoes may have passed their permanent wilting points. 😦 It was 93 degrees today. There’s a huge leak in the drip tape way down in the peppers – hopefully Z will deal with that first thing in the morning.

Z’s parents picked some of the old strawberries, which is great because they said you can pretty much pull some leaves aside and find a basket’s worth of berries right there. They also picked some greens. Hope all that stuff made it home in decent condition! The flea beetle damage in the greens is pretty bad. I shifted the compost tonight :). It’s about as done as it’s going to be for a while. I am going to reuse that stuff in the next pile.

Part of the garden, including seedlings. Saturday morning

I don’t remember what I last posted, but I’ve got 2 1/2 beds of winter squash/pumpkins in. Hoping  to have at least one nice, diverse bed with flowers and stuff. The sunflowers are coming along well, even with all the weeds.

Sunflowers that I planted 2 weeks ago
south sunflower bed



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