1st cherry tomato!

This evening I found an Indigo something cherry tomato! It came off in my hand and T tried to eat it. Most of it was purple, but you can see some green at the bottom. It was pretty hard and not flavorful. Exciting, though!


Z did a bunch more tractor work this morning, trying to rake the beds smoother. Unfortunately they look like they have “checks” for flood irrigation, since the landscape rake pushed all the debris and clods up into what should be the paths. Boo for erosion and still not being finished. Also, he didn’t add any compost… Anyhow, he set out sprinklers and drip lines for 2 beds so hopefully we can seed some cover crops tomorrow. And hopefully he gets out there in the morning to try to fix those beds.

I planted a packet of the same purple pole beans as last year, and tried putting some summer squash seeds on the other side of the drip tape. I realized most of the way thru that this will not work, because the squashes would grow right up into the trellis. Have to put the beans on the other side so there’s room for the squash to be squash. Doh! Will have to do that for upcoming plantings.

I picked strawberries, but I only brought in one basket. T ate tons of them! Later on he was mad that he didn’t get to plant seeds with me, but he had been too busy playing with irrigation stuff to help. That’s fine.

There didn’t seem to be a lot of green beans today, but I picked 2/3 of a basket of bell beans. I saw a bad bug (squash bug, or that weird elder bug thingie?) on the bell beans, so I should probably get those out of my strawberry bed. Ugh, the summer plants’ leaves are just covered in dust :(.



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