Busy, busy!

I haven’t been getting as much time in the garden lately because Z has been having to work an “honest” day (finishing later) and T has been clingy. In the last few days, I’ve started a new compost pile, put out 6 wagon loads of compost (in the paths between the gourd/pumpkin rows, need about 10 more loads), seeded more corn and green beans, picked some strawberries, worried about all the stuff I’m not getting done, and- tonight – picked ~1/4 gallon of blackberries. I also froze about that much from when I picked earlier in the week. We have lost 4 or 5 broccoli plants in the last 2 days or so. 4 for sure. I picked some broccoli earlier tonight. Oh, tonight, especially in the Chandlers, I found a lot of… limbs? of the strawberry plants that died. And a few in the summer berries. I think this might be a disease in the soil. Need to look this up again.

T’s school is on vacation, so we were out of the house all day today. There will be guests starting on Sunday, so there’s a lot of housecleaning to worry about and if I’m lucky  maybe we can clean up some of the blackberry plants that are growing just inside the garden gate. I also need to do a lot of cleanup work on the old strawberries.

winter squash/pumpkin beds (center). note compost at the far end. note missing broccoli plants on right.
sad dead broccoli plants. compost in peace!

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