Nice to cultivate once in a while

This morning while T was at a birthday party with his dad, I managed to quickly hoe the pumpkins and around the pole beans. Then I went on to the sunflowers. I hoed out the big weeds from the northern side and then moved on to the south. The weeds were way too big for hoeing. I pulled out a lot of pigweed, lambsquarters, and (deadly?) nightshade. I mostly left the bindweed. Found one goathead plant and one of the nasty spiny weed I had seen in the north bed last month. My hands are stained from humus! Could I clear out the bindweed and undersow clover?

some weeds have been pulled, but many others, including a pigweed, are determined to try to stay in the ground.
A view of the south end of the south sunflowers while I was weeding. The sunflowers are from a mixed pack, so some are tall and some are short.

This evening I pulled some weeds here and there (nightshade bed) and then picked a basket of the old strawberries. I pulled out a bunch of bad ones and leaves and managed to go around 5 of my six rows of berries and pick up the debris from the ground! Yay for sanitation.

I checked my notes about the pole beans, and it looks like I’ve only done 2 plantings. (I just wanted to check). The scarlet runner beans look pretty good (the first planting’s new growth is very yellow), so I should get going on planting the next thing!

I’ve been searching frantically for my big packet of Kakai pumpkin seed and I just do not know where it could be (unless it’s in the pile of magazines here at the desk). It’s getting to be the last minute for planting. I can’t even remember which bed I put pumpkin seeds in the other night, or if I made it all the way to the end of the row.

I’m eyeing a bed for a 1st planting of peas. It’s the one next to the pole beans. Trying to get the crops more into “blocks” for ease of crop planning.

I killed 2 different kinds of plant bugs tonight. Weird. I think one was a stink bug, and the other, I’m not sure. Lygus? Nah.

Those pesky raccoons dug up my compost yesterday. I need a worm bin for once it gets to this point. I need something to cover up my finishing piles, anyhow, so a bin would be great…

From Friday- hey, you’re supposed to be broccoli!




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