Keeping on…

In the mornings I’ve been doing some hoeing/weed work and moving about 3 wagon loads per day of compost to a wide spot between rows on the south side. Wish I could get this done faster. I am wondering if some of the weeds from the bean or pumpkin bed are spiny clotbur. One of my friends only sees pigweed.

Some weeds in some south beds. I worry that one is a spiny clotbur (named for its spines, I'd guess)
The weed I’m wondering about is in the bottom left corner- the dark one. I mostly see bindweed, and some purslane and larger pigweed. But those long, narrow leaves have me worried.

I cut down a big portion of the huge borage, since it had fallen on so many strawberry plants. Now I need to chop a lot of another one.

This morning I found a potato plant that had no roots (meaning that the gophers have found the potato bed). I couldn’t find any potatoes down below where the plant had been. 😦

The aboveground portion of a potato plant that has been eaten by gophers

I’m getting confused looking at my local gardening book and trying to figure out if i can still plant certain things. I put in a packet of long (pole) beans today, and planted some pinto beans in with the kakai pumpkins and gourds.


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