Harvest is getting away from me

broccoli that got a bit ahead of me and will flower by Monday, I’d guess

Ack, I missed the broccoli this week (the 3rd harvest). I found some bigger heads than I usually see. Also some nasty diseased heads (possibly cauliflower?) in a different part of the bed. The dill is looking great :). Sadly, I never got around to planting anymore brassicas. Oh, if I don’t pick the cabbage tomorrow morning, I’ll be screwed!

Harvest also included 2+ baskets of strawberries and 2/3 of a gallon of Trilogy beans (green, yellow, and purple). I only picked one side of the bed. Oh, and this morning I picked a small tupperware’s worth (a pint?) of blackberries- that’s all I had time for!

I’ve been working hard on trying to catch up with the weeds in the newer pumpkin and pinto bean beds. That’s coming along. We have lost 1 or 2 more potato plants (as of yesterday afternoon) and I haven’t had a chance to dig and check for ‘tates.

Nasturtiums at the head of the broccoli bed. 1 is from T’s school. Dill and lots of weeds are also visible.

One is from T’s school, I think (depends on which germinated or if he actually had put a seed into the pot!).



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