My biggest harvest day yet

This morning I harvested 5 cabbage heads and 4 or 5 bunches’ worth of kale. This evening I picked 2 baskets of strawberries and 3/4 of a gallon of green beans. And basil. And, later, Maybe 1/4 of a gallon of blackberries. My in-laws picked 4 baskets of old strawberries. (They are almost finished for now. I do not know why the plants at the edge are dying. Z did take out the middle drip line this week, but that shouldn’t affect the edge like this!

dying strawberry plants on left. Note gopher damage on right

I didn’t take any pictures of the huge harvest, but I sent most of it to a friend in Berkeley! she said the ones I sent were the best strawberries she’d ever tasted.

I spent midday taking the leaves that were damaged by leafminers off of the chard plants.

volunteer dino kale in pumpkin bed

I am officially declaring our cover crops failed. I think the problem is the old posts and tubes on the sprinklers. Maybe the removal of the topsoil due to the tractor is also to blame. Note pile of soil and straw at back left:

“Cover crops” – not!



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