Did some actual physical labor!

A view from the northeast corner of the garden
A view from the northeast corner of the garden

Z was out for hours with T- I got to sleep in an extra 2 hours (I was a wreck). Then I worked in the garden for about 2 hours. After my garden tour, I worked on hoeing my main lambsquarter crop and putting last year’s purchased compost on it. I’ve been planning on putting peas there. I have 3-4 loads’ worth to do in that bed. All that remains of the old compost is this:

the rest of 20 yards of compost that we bought a year ago

Z finished putting in stakes for the pole bean trellis. You know, I looked at the weather this morning and it said that our nights are down to a low of 49-50 degrees. No wonder those poor pole beans are having so much trouble! That is _cold_!

The cucumber beetles are terrible everywhere (I assume they are to blame for the holes in every single pinto bean leaf), and I have been noticing for a while that the undersides of tomato leaves tend to be wet. Tonight I got 2 tiny slugs on me. We never strung the tomatoes up, and the plants are so overgrown and bent over that it would be hard to do without losing fruit. That said, PLEASE, SOMEONE, HELP ME DO IT! Ok, maybe I need some short stakes for the job… gotta send Z to work with the truck, since he works close to Harmony Farm Supply…

I am still struggling with crop planning. I have at times been diagnosed with ADD, and it shows here:

We both froze and picked 2 baskets of strawberries today. I picked nearly a gallon of green, yellow, and purple beans. These are my last big planting of green bean-type beans. We are having trouble keeping up.


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