We’re still here

the pumpkins are starting to grow into the strawberry bed. Several kakai plants have pumpkins growing! That’s a week from flowering to fruiting.

It’s been a bit of a crazy week, as I had two morning doctor’s appointments. That can really mess up a morning in the garden, I tell ya!

Two days ago I harvested 4 baskets of strawberries; today I  only got 2. It’s been damp at night and in the mornings. Today  the sun didn’t come out until well into the afternoon.

We picked an Armenian cucumber yesterday. It was a teeny bit green inside, but good 🙂

There’s a Charentais melon coming along:

charentais melon

I keep getting this feeling of foreboding – the weeds are getting out of control, some of the lower leaves on the tomatoes are yellowing, some of the strawberries look bad, etc.

view of our tomato (left) and pepper (right) bed. Basil and marigolds are also visible

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