Cukes and green beams

2 marketmore cukes and an armenian cucumber

When I was walking around the garden this morning, I noticed these Marketmore cucumbers. Now that I look at them they don’t look quite as huge as they did in the garden!

I weeded in the young pumpkins this morning, and this evening I picked a gallon of green beans. We haven’t been keeping up at all, and they are almost finished. I was about to pick strawberries when I saw a car pull into our driveway- it was a guy who I had some classes with at the Junior College and his wife. His family has an old ranch where they grow chestnuts and I guess some grapes. He studied oenology, viticulture, and I think maybe he also got a certificate in Sustainable Agriculture. I like listening to his stories about how things were when he was growing up, what his son is up to (beekeeping, some gardening, and some small building projects). His wife works with little kids, so she likes to come by and see T.

photo of the bed I was weeding today- one can see young pumpkin plants, as well as tons of weeds. The left side of the bed is pinto beans (iirc)

Today was the first time that I was ever separated from T by a big bridge – he and his dad went to the East Bay for a few hours.


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