Ready to plant greens!

Fog descending on the mountain. Note sunny part down at the bottom of it!

I finally got the new greens bed finished. I put out some fertilizer (7-7-2? the one with the picture of broccoli on it) and oyster shell meal today, raked it in, put the drip tape back, and then had help from Z’s parents and T in putting row cover over it all. I wish we had pipes or something to hold the row cover off the ground. The reason I’m  using it is in hopes of keeping animals from digging in the bed. They have been killing my peas and radishes (plus digging up whatever carrot and lettuce seed remain) every night.

Tonight I planted Green Arrow shelling peas. I had way too much seed so I did 2 approximately 20-foot sections. One side wasn’t along the trellis. The package clains that this variety grows to only 2′ tall, but I bet I can find a picture of 3 and a half-foot tall shelling peas from last year.

I found a Spiny Clotbur plant in flower and took a few photos. Here’s one:

spiny clotbur in flower. Note crazy weed problem in the potential strawberry bed.

The cucumber beetles are out of control in the 4th pumpkin bed! I put out one yellow sticky trap and 35 minutes later, there were 1 cucumber beetle, 1 potentially good bug, and a wasp on it (or, wait, was that a yellowjacket?). I swiped the wasp and it flew away. I thought I had bought cucumber beetle lure, but I didn’t see it with the traps. Will have to check again…

Fog descending on the mountain. Note sunny part down at the bottom of it!



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