Finished transplanting 1st greens

a 100-foot line of sunflower plants of varying heights - up to 10 feet - and colors
view of the sunflowers from the southwest corner of that bed

T was home sick this morning, but we did manage to get out there and pick some Armenian cucumbers, tomatoes, and zinnias. I really don’t want him to take the flowers, especially the buds that haven’t opened yet, but hey, this gets him into the garden. And who knows, maybe I’ll even sell some flowers next year. I hope to do a lot of reading about flowers this winter.

Alright! Tonight I transplanted 2 sixpacks of Gypsy Broccoli and a napa cabbage. Near the end I actually started discarding the seedlings that had black or light colored spots on them. Good for me.

I’m nervous about these plants’ survival, though, because I think the plants that were already in the ground got cooked under the row cover. The closest one to where I pulled back the fabric so I could plant tonight was pretty dried out. I think that the combination of compost that’s too young, the bed not having been watered for very many  days between adding the fertilizer and transplanting, and the use of rowcover in warm weather may be too much heat for them. We’ll have to see. I meant to run the water at the end of my time out there, but T ran out of the house naked to find me and I had to go inside without even  putting my tools away.

I noticed that there is space for about 3 beds between the tomatoes and the 4th row of pumpkins. The soil in the 2 that are farther from the pumpkins is pretty loose – at least near the surface. Maybe this means

I didn’t have time to pick strawberries tonight. Aside from bug damage, I think it will be ok. It’ll give the berries a chance to catch up- we have had a lot of foggy mornings! Our freezer is full, by the way, so I really need to be giving this food away or selling it. Those both require time. I did pick 3 of the yellow squashes  that I’m growing, but I don’t know if I brought them in, left them out there, or asked Z to carry them into the house.


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