Prepping for more beds

Yesterdayish, then tonight:

area between the 4th row of pumpkins and the tomatoes/peppers. it was mowed last Friday
Next beds?

Today I put out 5 or 6 wagonloads of compost. Yesterday I put out 3ish loads of dirt at the head of the bed to try to even out the surface (I didn’t put dirt too close to the pumpkins, so you can see a mess in the bottom left of this photo). I’m trying to put the compost out much thinner than in the greens or pea beds. This looks like it covers half the 100′ long bed, but it’s really like 15 feet or something.

Speaking of the peas, there are like 3 plants in the whole 100 foot row, and no radishes (or carrots or lettuce). The raccoons are relentless. I think I made a newbie error and had fertilized the bed. If I had time, I’d hoe the old garlic bed right next to the pea bed and move the t-posts and trellis over there and only put out a very thin layer of compost and just plant more peas there. But maybe I should focus on getting greens into the middle of the above potentially three-bed section.

I have too much produce in my house- too much squash, too many strawberries, too many tomatoes (and way more in the field). Need to sell/distribute. My in-laws are no longer in town to bring stuff to my friend in Berkeley. I’m having trouble getting ahold of my neighbors (I think they have people visiting), and I wonder if their tenants have moved (that would break my heart, since they have kids around T’s age).


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