I did something today!

Grey kitty on my back. I'm inside the low tunnel and she is on top of the chicken wire that is on top of it.
Grey kitty on my back. I’m inside the low tunnel and she is on top of the chicken wire that is on top of it.

It’s been a rough week. T was home with The Cold on Monday and there were preschool field trips to go to on Thursday and Friday! I’ve been coming in from the garden around sundown, so there’s just not that much that can get done.

Today, Saturday, I did get to do some transplanting. We moved our 1st low tunnel (the shorter one) the other night so I could have a new planting space.Tonight I transplanted a whole sixpack of Broccoli (Arcadia?) and a few curly green kale seedlings. By the end there were calls for “Mummy milk!” coming from the house and yard. I will run out of space tomorrow. Embarrassingly, there are still 2 seedlings left in one other sixpack. I think they were cabbages, but I’m not sure. Some of the recent spinach transplants are doing ok, but in other places I’m like, “am I missing some seedlings?” Probably. There are gopher mounds everywhere. I may have found a green onion seedling and later weeded it out while I was out there. Mummy needs a greenhouse so I can start my own seeds!

I’m typing this instead of continuing work on my cover crop crop plan. It’s coming along. I’m almost ready to figure out how many beds’ worth of things I have. I’m listing the amounts I have and the planting rates so I can figure out how many beds I can do of each thing (aside from rye, bell beans, and maybe vetch, which crops I think we still have a lot of stored in a different spot) I might try to plant some clovers, but I realized that 1oz of clover will cover like 60 square feet of bed, and my beds are 300 to 400 square feet, lol.

I haven’t picked strawberries since Thursday night, so I’ve got to get on that on Sunday. And pick tomatoes. It was hot today so things are bound to be gross! The purple green beans are pretty much finished. I have mostly stopped picking the summer squash, because those gigantic ones just sit on the counter and rot!


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