Planted some cover crops


In the last few days, I’ve scrambled to get cover crops planted before the rain started on Friday. On… Thursday? I planted bell beans, rye, vetch, and mammoth red clover in the big empty section on the south east side. I didn’t cover it at all – too much area to be raking. When I ran out of clover, I got more of the other seeds and kept going. I did the end of the tomato bed, the path alongside the south sunflower bed, etc. I may have done the bed to the west of the corn and beans, too. I need  to check on that. I am so bad at recordkeeping these days. I also had hoed, raked, and seeded the part of north sunflower bed that didn’t have anything growing in it, along with the bed next to it, with yellow sweet clover.

Today I broadcast phacelia seed in the bed to the east of the south sunflower bed. I wonder if it will be ok – we got over half an inch  of rain today. (yesterday, too)

Yesterday I was frantically picking tomatoes, strawberries, corn, and basil before the rain got going too much. Sometimes the tomatoes split before I even get to the house (too much water). Sad. Tonight I picked 2 gallons of tomatoes. Z has been trying to get them roasted and put into jars to cool and (hopefully) get frozen in a ariety of smaller bags. I want to try to dry them, even though a lot of them are beefsteak-type heirlooms. But there is the time question (gotta clean them and dry them before slicing, no?).

I need to collect more stuff around the garden and start a compost pile.

Tonight I put a couple of wagonloads of woodchips out in the path down the middle of the garden and near the north gate to the garden. I wanted to put them on the south side path to the compost pile, but I had to focus on the north path because it was bare in many spots and squishy in others.



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