So much rain!

the garden between rain showers. The pumpkins will be going away in the next few days.
the garden between rain showers. The pumpkins will be going away in the next few days.

It’s really getting ridiculous- we’ve gotten almost 6 inches this month! So… okay, I’ll just clean the house and peel roma tomatoes (that part really didn’t take long except that I chose to vacuum instead of actually making a sauce so the tomatoes could go bad in the fridge).

I got out to the garden for 15 minutes that turned into a half hour. It’s wet. I picked leaves that were touching the ground off of several kale plants and pretty much got a bucket’s worth. I may have gone a bit too heavy on the fertilizer. We already knew that, based on what the raccoons did to that bed and others. I also picked a handful of peas :).

I went out on Thursday to pick strawberries. I did half of the east row and did not get a single edible/blemish-free berry.  I filled up the rest of the compost bucket with the stuff from the ground in that area and called it a day.

I went to water aerobics twice this week (and went swimming with T today). It’s so great to be back in the water and moving around. During the last 2 winters, I lifted weights 2-3 times and did water aerobics 2-3 times a week, which made me a fixture at the gym. I just don’t feel like I can stay out past 7 anymore and Z often doesn’t finish work much before 5, so it’s going to be hard to get there without bringing T to the totally germ-infested childcare room.

Fog has covered the top of the mountain that's visible from the garden
Can’t see the top of the local “mountain”

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