Trying to keep it together

I am really not getting enough work time in the garden. I am almost done planting my 2 pounds of garlic, but the seed is getting old fast. Tonight I was considering planting more but in the dark, I was not exactly sure where I didn’t plant last night. This week I did hoe space for the onion seedlings at the end of the east bed of greens. I haven’t even opened the box they came in. We just put it straight onto the fridge when it came.

This week i’ve managed to clean up the east side of the strawberries. The other pests have been largely replaced by rapidly-growing slugs (boo!). A lot of berries go bad quickly, but there are starting to be done nearly-ripe ones that look ok.

The snap peas are pretty much done. there are shelling peas (I think) at the other end of the bed. I did a lot of weeding under them this week. We still have purple peas in the next row. I have a feeling that they are supposed to be eaten after they turn green. The purple ones are just gross!

I have kept the compost in a condition that is slightly better than normal by turning it almost every day.

I am feeling pretty down from getting so little sun and exercise. 😦


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