Rainy day out of the blue

Grey Kitty enjoying some attention on a beautiful day

It was hard to believe yesterday that rain was supposed to fall this weekend. I took the above picture of Grey Kitty late in the afternoon. I hoed and raked the buckwheat out of what was supposed to have been a pea bed. After lunch, I went running into the garden while pulling the wagon behind me, tripped over the hose that’s right inside the gate, and landed on the ground. I am not sure what is injured in the top of my foot, but it hurts, especially if I flex the foot or turn to the side. One wrist is sprained more than the other and there’s also some knee pain. But I knew that I only had an hour or so of garden time left, so I kept going. I planted fava beans on most of the west side of the bed, and maybe 1/4 of the east side. I used what appear to be daikon radishes as my markers. They really could be daikons, since I tried broadcasting them before a rain 2 years ago and I do find them here and there. Yay, I finally planted favas!

It has rained 2.64 inches in the last 24 hours. It was supposed to rain maybe 1.5 total. The garden is holding up okay, since it hadn’t really rained all month (just like .08 inches).

Tonight I pulled out some bad strawberries and leaves, put compost on the worst bits of exposed soil along the west side of the bed, pulled slugs (so many, I hate those things so much!) and low-hanging leaves off of the newer kales, put straw on the path across the middle of the garden and a bit near the spigot (the woodchips from last year have pretty much disintegrated), put a bit of straw over the garlic and onions that I planted last week, and turned my 2 compost piles. My foot didn’t hurt too badly in my rainboots, thankfully, and it felt good to be moving around.

One big difference from yesterday is that the pumpkin plants are done. The brown leaves are wilting. We did have frost a night or two this week, so I guess that the rain just finished the job. I need to get the rest of the pumpkins out of the field, but there isn’t really a place where I can put them. The zinnias are also way more done than they were yesterday. 😦



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