Our garden is still there!

See end of post for what I’ve got this week.

Calendula, bolted broccoli, aged zinnias

We went away for 4 days last week. I couldn’t bear to be away from the garden for any longer, so we kept the trip short. Also, we had trouble communicating with our cat sitter, so the cat didn’t get any visitors until halfway through the trip, and the raccoons ate her food and drank/dirtied her water.

There was yet more rain while we were away, and even more on Saturday, which was the day after our return. The tomatoes, basil, and most zinnias are like, “I’m done.” I haven’t taken a very close look at the strawberries, although I see that there are some flowers in last year’s bed.

The ground is really very wet. I can walk down a bed and then on the way back, the gopher tunnels collapse or I just sink into some clay.

Mostly I have just been keeping up with turning the compost every day to keep getting air in to hopefully dry up all that water. Today I collected zinnia, tomato, and basil plants. I trimmed the comfrey, chard, and a few of the basils, and cut and chopped some corn plants. I brought 2 wagonloads over to the compost area. There is so much dead plant material to pull out of the field!  I pulled out some tomato cages, but ran out of time for putting them away.

I had to do so much cleaning today that despite the beautiful weather, I didn’t get out to the garden until after lunch! At least I got 2 hours.

I’m going to a farm business planning workshop this Saturday and Sunday. It’s a bit much to give up the whole weekend and miss a birthday party, a crafts fair or three, and a bookfair. 😦


Pumpkins – large and small

Tomatoes- a very small amount

kale: dino, Red Russian, green leaf.

Collard greens (from 1 large plant)

Chard (white)

Purple-podded peas (but they taste bad to me!)

some fava/bell bean leaves

herbs: borage, plantain, some rosemary, some oregano, some pineapple sage, comfrey

flowers: calendula (yellow, white), yarrow (white flowers), some borage, some zinnia, some small lavender-colored cosmos, some chamomile

small amounts of some other things


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