That bed’s been hoed!

It took about 4 hours of work to get the weeds hoed out of this bed and 6 or 10 inches away from the plants!

Alrighty, the Chandlers have been hoed. The plants are so small and most of the buds have been so small that I think these may have to stick around until next spring. I guess I need to stop pulling the buds off, though. We (mostly Z) have been getting our irrigation going – the leak on the right was fixed! Now maybe I can fertilize (starting with a kelp/seaweed product). This reminds me that I need a new sprayer.

My hands are killing me from hoeing, but the bed needs a good going-over with the Cobra weeder ( No time. Last year’s berries need some maintenance, and I need to hoe alongside the summer berries I planted this spring and last fall. I also have more to plant. The water line doesn’t quite reach the end of that bed. I think that if I run out, I might just put the crowns (if they are still ok to use) at the end of the Chandlers…

One of the next beds I’d like to get going (because it has so little grass growing) is last year’s bean and pea row (it also had one cherry tomato plant). There are all these weird holes there- check oneout! Hopefully just from gophers, but why were so many holes not closed back up? The surface of the ground is scarily dry. 😦

A rather large hole that has a crack coming off of it. The ground looks like a cross between Petaluma Adobe and cement

I hoed enough that it looks like I need to hoe

I hoed the Chandlers, so now they can get some daylight! This photo shows “after” with “before” below. I was hoping to put a bunch of compost on the ground, but I’m rethinking that as the sow bugs get to be really bad after I put compost down. I hate to leave the ground bare!! Hopefully these plants will grow a bit more very soon. They really want to make berries. Meanwhile, Z and T picked a couple of strawberries from the old patch this weekend!


those Chandler strawberry plants are just to the left of center- you can see a few taller fava (or bell?) bean plants in there

In other news, I got 2 packages of seeds today 🙂 Z and T worked on getting irrigation to the “new” strawberries, as it’s going to get hot this week!

I finished putting in that batch of strawberries!

Yay, 99ish strawberry crowns have been planted. The first half or so had Tyee spinach planted between them. As I went farther and farther down the row, the ground was less wet and had more grass mixed in, so I went slower and slower. The weeds are going to be crazy this winter! I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another crown out there, since T kept trying to give me one that looked humongous and then I never found one that big when I was planting. I sure do do it the labor-intensive way.

This picture was taken about 5 plants from the end.

the adorable T standing near me as I plant strawberries
Me, about some 80+ feet into the bed of strawberries, and T, rocking his rain boots

When I was out planting this morning, it was windy and cold and you could just smell the rain in the air. It was like being someplace else where it rains, not in Sonoma County (the first winter I lived here was an El Nin~o winter and it rained SO MUCH!).

After I finished planting tonight, I hoed next to the peas – just trying to get a few inches between the “path” and the drip tape. Unfortunately, if I go too close, I tend to cut the tape.

Oh, there’s a path there!

Last night we had one of our larger recent harvests. I picked a gorgeous basket of strawberries and Zak picked some others, as well as cherry tomatoes and beans.

Sept 30, 2015 harvest
Sept 30, 2015 harvest

Talk about over doing it, though – this morning I tried hoeing. We have a whole row of greens that never gets visited because there hasn’t been much of a path due to all the weeds. I think the last time I  hoed here, I had to just focus on the pigweed. There was plenty of that, and the grass is tall, so eventually when my sprained hand started hurting, I switched to just focusing on the pigweed.

Path between the east bed of greens and the
There’s a path!
Z walks between the 2 beds while T picks a cabbage leaf on the other side of the bed of greens
Z walking down the “new” path

After I took these pictures, I did some more hand-weeding around the individual plants to the right of Z. Then I planted some more peas (maybe 15 row feet?), since they’d been in T’s bucket for 2 days. T started digging up the whole area of the garden bed and was eventually taken inside. They were the Green Arrow shelling peas. My hand hurts. I spent a lot of the day without my ace bandage, since it was drying on the clothesline while I was hoeing, and I take it off to wash dishes and bathe. Tomorrow is another day.